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What to Expect

I provide in person and online counselling sessions:


Online video counselling is a great option for various reasons. You can access counselling from the comfort of your home, and it allows you to save time and money, because you do not have to drive to a therapist office. It is as effective as in person counselling, although for some clients the face to face aspect is important. Our platform offers end-to-end encrypted communication, however as in all virtual communication there are still some privacy risks.

If you choose to have an online session, you can expect an email with a link to access your session prior to your scheduled time. If you are experiencing any type of technical difficulties, please email me, and I will gladly help you.

In Person

If you prefer face to face therapy sessions, my office is located at Winkler EMM Church. For privacy reasons, I can meet you at the back door, at your scheduled time. 

15-minute Free Consultation

It is normal to be nervous when you're thinking about making a therapy appointment.  It is also understandable that you may want to meet me prior to booking a therapist session. You can request a free 15-minute consultation. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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