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When was the last time that you really enjoyed contemplating nature, events in your life, people around you?

There are many studies showing how contemplative practices can be beneficial to our mental health. Demonstrated benefits of contemplative practices include stress reduction, enhanced attention and awareness abilities, improved self-regulation and enhanced empathy awareness.

Activities such as Birdwatching, contemplating nature, Contemplative Prayer, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Mindfulness, Quiet time, and Silence can produce long term effects on our brain.

Focusing on the beauty around us is a good way to start contemplating. Watch the birds, their uniqueness, the sounds, the details. Bring your mind to pay attention to the flowers, their colours, the smell, the freshness that they add to any place. As you connect more and more to the nature around, you find inner peace and it helps you face the challenges you are going through.

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