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It it healthy to depend on others?

In a world where independence and individuality are so valued, we ask ourselves, what about interdependence?

Interdependence is mutual dependence, a state of being dependant upon one another. When applied to relationships, interdependence is when two or more people rely on each other for support. As much as we wish we could do it all by ourselves, interdependence it is a necessary and healthy part of our physical, mental, and emotional development.

It should not be so hard for humanity to understand and live this concept. Considering that we depend on nature for survival. We are born as totally dependent beings, relying on our caregivers for all areas of our existence, including emotional development.

However, because we live in a society that keeps telling us that we should do it all alone, and have all the answers, depending on others has become a sign of weakness. This is a lie! There is no emotional health without connection to yourself and others. We cannot simply choose to isolate ourselves from everyone in order to avoid conflict and have it all on our terms. We need each other, it our nature! We were created for relationships, we were created for connection, we are interdependent beings!

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